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Family Dentists Sydney is a dental practice which caters to the needs of Families serving Sydney. Most of our patients are referred by existing customers who have found our service to be of the highest standard.

We treat kids in a kind and friendly environment and understand that their early dental experiences need to be positive fun times. This gives them a positive perception of dentistry and sets them up with healthy teeth for life.

We provide all types of family dental procedures from general check-ups and simple white fillings to neuromuscular rehabilitation of completely broken down bites. We offer complete orthodontic care, from early interceptive orthopaedics for children to complex adult rehabilitative band-ups.

Family Dentists Sydney utilises INVISALIGN invisible orthodontics for our adult patients with fantastic success. We place implants, using state of the art implants and components. We also offer twilight sedation or IV sedation for our “less brave” patients our dentists are highly experienced medical practitioners, having worked for many years in hospital ER wards.

We are dedicated to educating our patients in good oral hygiene practices. We believe there is no point doing exceptional dentistry if our patients don’t understand how to care for it.

At Family Dentists Sydney our dental staff are highly trained and attend continuing education courses to enable us to provide the best service to our patients. Our girls are the friendliest most dedicated team, and go out of their way to make your appointment a pleasant experienceWe use the latest equipment and only use the best dental labs for our ceramic work.

If you are looking for a friendly skilled team of dental professionals that can treat yourself and your family for all your dental needs, Family Dentists Sydney encourages you to give them a call.

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Or to ask our friendly staff a question please call: 1300 6442463

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